Privacy Policy

Dream World Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "We") has played a role in a tour business in this slogan of “We always do our best for customers’ smile and pleasure”.
With the rapid advance of recent information technology, it is our social responsibility to respond to a growing request for leaking of private information as it is becoming a social problem.
We also judge it indispensable to protect all private information to continue our business activities as we handle a lot of private information.
Therefore, we define our privacy policy as our standard of behavior to handle strictly all the private information in our business and we ensure the full enforcement of legal compliance.

Date of enactment: March 1, 2002
Last revised: March 1, 2009
Dream World Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Tatsuya Ishii

1.Concerning obtaining, using and providing Personal Information
  • We shall define internal rules and observe them as well as organizing a system in terms of protecting personal information to obtain, use and provide it appropriately.
  • We obtain personal information by first clearly communicating its use purpose and will use it within the purpose of use only as is necessary for the performance of operations. We use all personal information only within the intended use, and take measures to prevent other unclear use.
  • When there is a requirement to use personal information exceeding the range of the purposes, we shall need the consent of the information holder.
  • When we provide personal information to any third party, we shall need the consent of the information holder.
2.Concerning law and other regulations about personal information, compliance with national guidelines and other standards
  • We shall comply with law about personal information, guidelines industry groups the government makes, requirements of Personal Information Protection Management Systems (JIS Q 15001)and other regulations.
3.Concerning security of personal information
  • Personal information we handle shall be analyzed at each stage of handling and we shall define the measures as “the Personal Information Management Regulations” and implement appropriate operation.
  • We shall take reasonable preventive countermeasures against the leakage or loss of personal information, and we shall carry out safe and accurate security of personal information. If a problem should occur, appropriate corrective action shall be taken to prevent recurrence of similar cases.
4.Concerning response to complaints and consultations
  • We will consolidate the systems of the request of disclosing personal information as well as having the special department to quickly respond to complaints and counseling about the handling of personal information.

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