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DREAM WORLD co., Ltd. determine the below personal information protection direction, and both the directors and staffs will be bound to protect these personal information.
  1. Name of entity
    DREAM WORLD co., Ltd.
  2. Chief Privacy Officer
    Seiji Fujii, Manager of planning administration department
    (Tel: +81 45-451-6333)
  3. The use and purpose of use of personal information
    - Responding to your requests and/or enquiries
    - Providing our products and services
  4. Request for disclosure of personal information
    In case you wish to request disclosure of your personal information, please call us as below. After the identification procedure, we will respond to your request within a reasonable period.
    【Personal Information Inquiry】
    DREAM WORLD co., Ltd. Planning administration department
    KDX Yokohama Building 5F
    Sakaecho, 1-1, Kanagawa-ku,Yokohama-city,Japan
  5. Voluntariness of Information Provision
    When we collect personal information from an individual directly, we explain the voluntariness as well as the impact on the individual if we are unable to obtain the information on a case by case basis.